Foodiet App Makes Calorie Counting Easier

The Foodiet app is for food lovers. Today’s food lovers are also health conscious, they want healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. That’s why we build the Foodiet app, we help food lovers find and track nutrition facts in a smart way.

Foodiet app was created to support the needs of integrating kitchen scales into the trends of smart home and healthier living. Smart kitchen scale connection is a unique feature you won’t find in other comparable apps. With Foodiet, now you are able to add smart kitchen appliances to be a part of your smart health lifestyles, Your food can be added to your Fitbit or Apple Health app in a smart fashion.

Like we said, the app is for food lovers. So the app focuses on two functions today’s food lovers want: recipe function for cooking delicious meals and nutrition function for counting calories. These features, plus the smart kitchen scale connections, are organized naturally to the app. Users can easily and intuitively navigate the app to achieve lots of functions. You can weigh your food, get nutrition facts, log your food intake, track your nutrition records, find recipe from the Foodiet communities, or create your own recipes, find your recipe’s nutrition facts, etc. You can do all of them with the app.

Our mission is to help food lovers in a smart and helpful way. We are constantly improving our apps. We are eager to know your feedback. Please feel free to contact us at Our contact page is here.

Sync with Popular Fitness Apps

The Foodiet app syncs with popular fitness apps, Fitbit® and Apple® Health.

Configure Foodiet app to link your data to your Fitbit® account       Apple Health

We are working to add more apps to better service our users.

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